Max and his Equinary encounter with Zeus #Histfic #YA

by on Oct.26, 2013, under Young Adult



“He is absolutely  beautiful!,” said Max as he continued to stroke Zeus.

“Let him smell you and get to know you. Horses do not take long in sizing up a person,” said Alber.

“They have a sixth sense about people. There have been people these horses have refused to be near. I respect their inner wisdom. I find them quite jittery when they come here. It takes them a few days to get used to this place,” said Alber.

“Now stroke the rest of the horses as they expect equal treatment,” said Alber.

“Do you often sleep with the horses?,” asked Max.

“When they sleep in a barn they are not used to, yes. This is their first trip to Bavaria.  You can tell I slept with them last night,” said Alber as he brushed off some hay from his hair.  “They prefer a warm and well lit barn,” said Alber.

“You need a carriage to reach grandpere’s lodge?,” asked Max.

“Indeed. It is down by the lake. It takes half a day to walk there. Unless you go by boat. If you get a chance to visit, you will notice carriages and horses from the world over. This would be a good time to look at different horse breeds,” said Alber.

“I am not certain I will get that chance. My f….father insists on our not being seen,” said Max. Max was surprised he addressed Maurice as his father.

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