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Chapter Fourteen

“Max decided right then to follow through with the texts in the manuscripts. The planetary tables he needed were at university. The manuscripts strictly enforced the use of the rituals during certain hours of the day and night that required careful attention to the phases of the moon and to the risings and settings of the planets as written in the tables he needed. He knew he was out of sync with his planetary observations since all summer he spent with family. He had to get to the university as soon as possible and he knew it was going to be more than a walk across the quadrangle as he was used to.  He now had to get used to living far away that any trip he decided upon taking to university would require the use of the carriage as well as its driver and careful planning. He decided to keep the manuscripts in their original form without translation as he wanted to keep this information to himself. One thing he did know. He needed the help of at least one other individual in conducting the planetary rituals.”

Back in the day when interest in the occult was talked about in parlour tables, private dinners and the like, people often expressed the difficulty of the mechanics involved in rituals. By mechanics, I mean, the fasting involved by the executor and the participants , the water (as in a well, or a river nearby), the perfumes (as found in rose oil and other organic substances), the incense, all these in combination with the timing of celestial laws and mother nature. Often, these rituals, were only to be performed at a certain hour every 4 years depending on the celestial path and timing of a certain planet upon its entrance or proximity to a constellation as well as the phases of the moon. Max, like every executor of a planetary ritual, had to prepare himself by going to university and copying the planetary tables provided in the library first. He had to calculate the day of the next full moon, where Jupiter was in terms of its path and calculate when it would enter any part of the constellation of cancer.

“The manuscripts call for me to be within a clearing at the exact time Jupiter first enters the constellation of Cancer. And by my calculcations based upon the tables, that is to occur in the next few weeks despite the timing of any calendar we know of. The planets have their own timetables independent of man’s clocks or world time,” said Max

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