Contractual Marriage in Marceau #histfic #gay

by on Oct.25, 2013, under French Historical Fiction

Dear Readers,

There is nothing new under the sun as the saying goes. I fully realize contractual marriages exist today. The only thing about them, is knowing that you are entering a commitment either in name only or in some cases for matters that concern public relations. Sometimes the situation works out in time and the person you entered this agreement with becomes a real friend. There are times when one person secretly hopes that the relationship will work. That is a wait and see situation. And there will be times when the situation will not work (as in the beginnings to the marriage with Maurice and Vivienne in my novel Marceau). Vivienne knew she was entering a marriage with a gay/bisexual man. She didn’t care. She turned a blind eye to that because she had her own lover(her first cousin) that she was already in a relationship with prior to this contractual marriage with Maurice. So what does she do? Vivienne never goes into relationship mode with Maurice and leaves him to his male companion(s). He had many prior to meeting Guillaume. She benefitted financially…that is for certain. And never did she think twice about leaving her lover. She knew Maurice wasn’t into sexual relations with her (only enough to produce a son). And Guillaume (Maurice’s companion) was not a threat to her in the least emotionally or physically. She felt more respected by Guillaume and Maurice’s male companions that she did with having another woman. Why?  In Vivienne’s case (per her character role in this novel), Vivienne felt more “safe” knowing Maurice was with his male companions than having another woman bear him another family. To Vivienne, another woman was more of a threat because of Maurice having another son or daughter elsewhere. She knew Maurice with all his money and strong political grip could pay his way towards getting divorce as true possibility in France. That Vivienne is something else…let me tell you! I can picture Angelina Jolie as Vivienne…



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