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Blimey! Excerpt from Marceau French Historical Novel #histfic

by on Nov.25, 2013, under French Historical Fiction, Young Adult

MarceauExcerpt from Marceau – French Historical Novel by Thelma Benison #histfic #ya

The carriage went along a graveled path rather slowly until the large estate came into full view from a distance. The large Tudor mansion with its oversized diamond paned windows, tall chimneys and wide wooden front door was evidently built for a King. Max gaped. Walter dropped his jaw. The servants were standing in line at the front ready to greet their young master.

“Blimey!,” said Walter.

“I know. And I must face them. Who would have thought that I, a sizar at University of Cambridge, would come to all this??,” asked Max.

The carriage came to a full stop and the carriage driver opened the door…

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The boy is exceedingly thin…. * Marceau -French Hist Fic Novel

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Maurice closed the door to his study and placed his lengthy will on his desk. He wanted to read each clause carefully as he knew that this was the only time he would have. He had to decide the provisions for Henri and now Max – a total stranger to him —  unknowing if he would be worthy of a son in the future. At least Henri has turned out responsible and a son he could trust. He knew he was having trouble recognizing Max as his son based on the fact that he remained uncertain of his paternity. He made an enquiry to the Head Master at Trinity about this young man and looked for a reply among the stacks of correspondence left on his desk. He also felt he needed to provide something for him at least in honor of Marguerite whom he knew had remained faithful to him and his family these many years. He found the handwritten reply from the HeadMaster at bottom of the pile. He opened the letter and read it.

Monsieur Marceau,

I found the urgency of your letter sent via messenger. I find your relation to this young man quite disturbing as you make no mention of your role as guardian or otherwise despite your sharing the same names and surname. Be this as it may, you should be most proud of young Maximilien as the faculty here at the University of Cambridge find him to be a genius. I took it upon myself to observe his work and found several mathematical treatises that are beyond the capability of a doctoral student and very much on par with the mental capabilities of Sir Isaac Newton. I have been most honored to find this young man brilliant and most proud of his being a student here at Cambridge.

I must also bring to your attention that I find the boy exceedingly thin. I realize his role as a sizar and I assure you that our sizars here are fed well enough. His thinness as explained to me by one of his fellow boarders is due to his fasting days at a time. The boy is often found in prayer early in the mornings outdoors facing eastward while observing planetary movements. Furthermore, I found one essay he wrote rather perplexing on the use of planetary movements as one’s clock for time measurement and upon making decisions for daily living, agriculture, and other uses. The entire essay has now become a bound book written as an almanac for his daily living. Additionally, I most definitely agree with the faculty that the boy does have a strong penchant for debate and we have found it most difficult to challenge him on his views pertaining to canonical aspects relating to our religion; considering he is able to read and translate from ancient Hebrew, Egyptian, Greek and Latin and has found translations within our protestant bible quite questionable.

All in all, the boy is a genious and we are most proud.


Dr. Norman Smith

HeadMaster, Trinity College

University of Cambridge


Excerpt from Marceau – French Historical Fiction Novel copyright 2012 #histfic #histfict #ya

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The 4 King Chiefs * Excerpt from Marceau French Historical Fiction Novel

by on Nov.04, 2013, under French Historical Fiction, Occult, Young Adult


“The manuscripts make no mention as to how one changes from man to spirit. I have been looking for such an answer all this time. And these are the 72 mighty Kings and Princes commanded into this vessel of brass together with their legions. Belial, Bileth, Asmoday and Gaap were the four King Chiefs.  Their souls were bound into this vessel because of their pride and for no other reason”, said Max.

Excerpt from Marceau French Historical Fiction Novel copyright 2012 #Histfict #Occult #YA

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A Home of One’s Own * Excerpt * Marceau French Historical Fiction Novel #histfic #histfict #ya

by on Nov.04, 2013, under French Historical Fiction, Young Adult

“Now that we will have to finish later. Right now we need to do something new and it is for my Father. He asked of me to read an several manuscripts along with an inscription to a vessel his archeologist had found. The vessel has very much been a prized possession in my father’s family for centuries. And finally it has been found,” said Maurice.

“Lucien. If I get this right, Father said I could keep the house. I need to do all I can to make all this work. Especially for me and my mother. We do not own a home of our own!,” said Max.

Marceau French Historical Fiction Novel #histfic #histfict #ya



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Asmodeus and Maximilien Marceau #Histfic #Occult #YA

by on Oct.28, 2013, under Occult, Young Adult


“Oh, Spirit is the name that you call upon me, eh? Well…I see we are in need of an introduction. My name is Asmoday!,” demanded the daemon with his webbed feet and serpant tail stomping the floor in protest.


“The medieval grimoires of magical sciences requires quite a bit of study and knowledge that I see you very much lack…and yet… and yet…I find myself in the presence of a human who is not only a genius…that has proven himself as a magus as well. Well, well, well….the gift of ancient magic does indeed run in your veins, I see,” said the daemon.


Max said nothing.


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Justice comes too slow Marceau #histfic #ya

by on Oct.28, 2013, under Young Adult

CoverMax. You realize that if your father asks you to join him in all his business affairs, you do realize you have the power to change the outcome of events even before they happen? You realize you could order the daemons to take care of your father’s enemies, do you not?,” asked Alex.

“Why no, grandpere. That was not in my line of thinking at all,” said Max.

“Well you can. You can ask any of those daemons to find the enemies to your father and order their killing,” said Alex.

“I am not certain I would want to do that, Grandpere. I am not in the frame of mind to ask for the death of anyone’s enemy. I rather let that to fate,” said Max.

“You still have your innocence. I can tell by your answer. One day, son, you are going to get angry at the injustice by others and when that day comes…watch out world!,” said Alex.

“Well…would the ordering of a killing be considered  murder by proxy?,” asked Lucien.

“I do not care how you look at it. There are times when justice comes too slow. It can take many many years,” said Alex.

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Max and his Equinary encounter with Zeus #Histfic #YA

by on Oct.26, 2013, under Young Adult



“He is absolutely  beautiful!,” said Max as he continued to stroke Zeus.

“Let him smell you and get to know you. Horses do not take long in sizing up a person,” said Alber.

“They have a sixth sense about people. There have been people these horses have refused to be near. I respect their inner wisdom. I find them quite jittery when they come here. It takes them a few days to get used to this place,” said Alber.

“Now stroke the rest of the horses as they expect equal treatment,” said Alber.

“Do you often sleep with the horses?,” asked Max.

“When they sleep in a barn they are not used to, yes. This is their first trip to Bavaria.  You can tell I slept with them last night,” said Alber as he brushed off some hay from his hair.  “They prefer a warm and well lit barn,” said Alber.

“You need a carriage to reach grandpere’s lodge?,” asked Max.

“Indeed. It is down by the lake. It takes half a day to walk there. Unless you go by boat. If you get a chance to visit, you will notice carriages and horses from the world over. This would be a good time to look at different horse breeds,” said Alber.

“I am not certain I will get that chance. My f….father insists on our not being seen,” said Max. Max was surprised he addressed Maurice as his father.

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Maximilien Marceau – Marceau (Historical Fiction Novel)

by on Oct.16, 2013, under Young Adult

Maximilien (Max for short) is an illegitimate son of Maurice whose mother is Marguerite. Marguerite met Maurice when he started to work in his father’s salons throughout Europe as a teenager. They both fell in love and their relationship ended by Maurice in order to honor a marriage contract Maurice’s parents signed with one of King Louis XVI’s brothers in order to marry Vivienne. Unbeknownst to Maurice, he left Marguerite pregnant. Fifteen years pass until finally Maurice takes over the Salons throughout Europe from his father and meets with Marguerite. Marguerite unknowingly chose her timing well. She knew Max’s features did not resemble Maurice in the least and paternity was hard to prove back then. It was not until Maurice invited Max and Marguerite to meet his parents (Alex and Viktoria) in their chateau in Bavaria that Viktoria recognized Max’s resemblance to that of her own father.

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Cambridge University

by on Oct.07, 2013, under Young Adult

A few of my readers have asked why I chose Cambridge University for Maximilien’s education. The reason is primarily due to the fact that Max lives in the UK and Cambridge used to have a magic society in the 1800’s. Since it was a private order, I have no information as to what type of order it truly was… or whether the membership consisted of real magicians or alchemists.

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