The 4 King Chiefs * Excerpt from Marceau French Historical Fiction Novel

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“The manuscripts make no mention as to how one changes from man to spirit. I have been looking for such an answer all this time. And these are the 72 mighty Kings and Princes commanded into this vessel of brass together with their legions. Belial, Bileth, Asmoday and Gaap were the four King Chiefs.  Their souls were bound into this vessel because of their pride and for no other reason”, said Max.

Excerpt from Marceau French Historical Fiction Novel copyright 2012 #Histfict #Occult #YA

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For Good or For Evil *Excerpt Marceau French Hist Fiction

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“Right. Your father’s archeologist wants to avoid working with that vessel. And if I am right, this may be why. It is believed that if the vessel is dropped, 72 Spirits would be released and would be commanded by the first person who dropped the vessel. These Spirits and their legions would then travel to all the corners of the earth and dominate it and use you, your mind, and your home as a base. Now, the use of these spirits can be used for the good or for evil – depending upon the soul of the owner,” said Lucien.

Excerpt from Marceau – French Historical Fiction Novel #histfic #histfict #ya #occult

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Asmodeus and Maximilien Marceau #Histfic #Occult #YA

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“Oh, Spirit is the name that you call upon me, eh? Well…I see we are in need of an introduction. My name is Asmoday!,” demanded the daemon with his webbed feet and serpant tail stomping the floor in protest.


“The medieval grimoires of magical sciences requires quite a bit of study and knowledge that I see you very much lack…and yet… and yet…I find myself in the presence of a human who is not only a genius…that has proven himself as a magus as well. Well, well, well….the gift of ancient magic does indeed run in your veins, I see,” said the daemon.


Max said nothing.


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Celestial Rituals and World Time – Marceau Historical Fiction Novel #Histfic #Occult

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Chapter Fourteen

“Max decided right then to follow through with the texts in the manuscripts. The planetary tables he needed were at university. The manuscripts strictly enforced the use of the rituals during certain hours of the day and night that required careful attention to the phases of the moon and to the risings and settings of the planets as written in the tables he needed. He knew he was out of sync with his planetary observations since all summer he spent with family. He had to get to the university as soon as possible and he knew it was going to be more than a walk across the quadrangle as he was used to.  He now had to get used to living far away that any trip he decided upon taking to university would require the use of the carriage as well as its driver and careful planning. He decided to keep the manuscripts in their original form without translation as he wanted to keep this information to himself. One thing he did know. He needed the help of at least one other individual in conducting the planetary rituals.”

Back in the day when interest in the occult was talked about in parlour tables, private dinners and the like, people often expressed the difficulty of the mechanics involved in rituals. By mechanics, I mean, the fasting involved by the executor and the participants , the water (as in a well, or a river nearby), the perfumes (as found in rose oil and other organic substances), the incense, all these in combination with the timing of celestial laws and mother nature. Often, these rituals, were only to be performed at a certain hour every 4 years depending on the celestial path and timing of a certain planet upon its entrance or proximity to a constellation as well as the phases of the moon. Max, like every executor of a planetary ritual, had to prepare himself by going to university and copying the planetary tables provided in the library first. He had to calculate the day of the next full moon, where Jupiter was in terms of its path and calculate when it would enter any part of the constellation of cancer.

“The manuscripts call for me to be within a clearing at the exact time Jupiter first enters the constellation of Cancer. And by my calculcations based upon the tables, that is to occur in the next few weeks despite the timing of any calendar we know of. The planets have their own timetables independent of man’s clocks or world time,” said Max

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Snake Cult Ritual – Marceau Chapter Eleven (Historical Fiction Novel)

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Snake rituals have been used since ancient times for fertility rites, metaphysical protection, and for medicinal and talismanic purposes. Often enough, it is snake oil that is used but in Greek mythology it is a union with a snake that takes place as with Olympias (a known snake handler) Alexander the Great’s mother.  Such a ritual is imitated in Chapter Eleven when Vivienne visits a sect that her she and her mother secretly belong to and have been financially supporting for decades with Maurice’s money behind his back. It is this sect that has been known to worship serpents since ancient times. I do not name the sect for the sake of their privacy.

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The Days and Hours of Jupiter – Marceau Chapter 10 (Historical Fiction Novel)

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The Days and Hours of Jupiter are proper for obtaining honours, acquiring riches; contracting friendships, preserving health; and arriving at all that thou canst desire,” said Max.

The above statement as spoken by Maximilien (Max for short) unbeknownst son of Maurice Marceau and Marguerite is taken from a manuscript (yes, copyright free — its over 2000 years old and the translation I am using  is at least 200 years old). Chapter Ten is where Maurice gets to know Max a bit better and asks him to translate certain parts of this manuscript that his team of archeologists found in old dried up lake in what was known as Babylon (now Iraq). Maurice was quite impressed upon hearing Max translate each word immediately upon reading them in Aramaic (ancient Hebrew).  This manuscript (according to this novel — remember it is fiction) was originally found in parchment with an accompanying artifact in the form of a vessel with text in Aramaic and inscribed seals. This very artifact is mythological and has a legend tied to it. It is this legend that Max unleashes and becomes real. Unfortunately, this very legend does have its side effects as Max is known to discover later in the story.

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