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Chapter One

by on Jul.18, 2014, under French Historical Fiction

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French Historical Novel

Maurice Marceau reached the gated entrance to the Duc de Roche’s chateau. They were greeted by servants holding torches to help lead the guests to the main entrance.

Marguerite looked so happy as she held his arm. She was enthralled by all the grandeur.

No one recognized Maurice as he was seldom seen in public. They waited in line until their names were asked and written down by a servant before formerly announcing their presence and proceeding inside. Maurice noticed that there were women present and Marguerite at least would not be bored. He caught the eye of  his brother-in-law, the Duc d’ Laurenc’s with his mistress while waiting for their names to be announced.

“Le Duc d’ Laurenc and Madame Charlotte,” announced the servant.

“Le Deputé Marchand and Madame Marchand,” announced the servant.

“Le Marquis de Maupaussant and Madame Reneé,” announced the servant.

“Monsieur Maurice Marceau and Madame Marguerite,” announced the servant.

The entire room fell into a hushed silence upon hearing the name. Maurice and Marguerite were greeted by an entire line of co-hosts and immediately caught the attention of all present. His name was famous yet his face was seldom seen in public. His handsome face and physique stunned all in attendance.  So very few of the wealthy in France held such money and good looks in combination and with such magnetism. Maurice carried himself well and beheld those in attendance in absolute awe. He was a fine one. And to the few who knew him,  Maurice was never known to bring a woman with him to the few social events he chose to attend as he always arrived alone. This was a first in many many years.


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There are different kinds of Spirits excerpt from Marceau french historical fiction novel

by on Feb.25, 2014, under French Historical Fiction

MarceauExcerpt Chapter Fourteen, Marceau French historical fiction novel

“Let me first read this introductory part” said Max as he
read outloud. “There are different kinds of
Spirits, according to the things over which they preside; some of them govern
the Empyrean Heaven, others the Primum Mobile, others the First and Second Crystalline,
others the Starry Heaven there are also Spirits of the Heaven of Saturn, which
I call Saturnites there are jovial, Martial, Solar, Venerean, Mercurial…and
Lunar Spirits there are also (Spirits) in the Elements as well as in the Heavens,
there are some in the Fiery Region, others in the Air, others in the Water, and
others upon the Earth, which can all render service to that man who shall have
the good fortune to understand their nature, and to know how to attract them.

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Wolpertinger – Marceau Historical Fiction Novel #HistFic #Myth

by on Oct.26, 2013, under Myth and Legends

A Wolpertinger is a small rabbit-like looking animal known in Bavarian mythology and folklore known to inhabit Bavarian forests. It is a strange looking little rabbit with antlers, fangs and wings.  In German/Bavarian mythology, this little creature appears to beautiful women during a full-moon.  I happen to use this little creature in Marceau because of its mythological Bavarian past. You will find this little rabbit hanging amongst the tall stone walls at the Marceau’s family main chateau in Bavaria (Chapter Five – Marceau)

“The main hall to the chateau was fully lit and the two grand fireplaces were at a full blaze lighting stone walls long hidden by dark shadows. There were antler heads from moose and deer, a stuffed wolpertinger, mask carvings, and suits of armor from many places throughout the world. There were paintings, sculptures and large tapestries hung on the 20 metered walls that retained the austere and grim feel to the place. The grand table could seat a hundred and all ten candelabras were lit from end to end. The ancient magic to the place was summoned by primeval spirits whose fiery cosmic power governed during Regulus’s occultation with the Moon. Their binding into the bloodline of the Marceau family would bring upon decendants with incredible fame and power over people, money, sex, magic, fire, and the occult. The castle was aligned perfectly within the ecliptic path of the sun during the equinoxes and the solstices throughout the year. Yet the sun’s rays never reached the castle as it was often consumed by damp and fog and the long shadows brought about the trees by the surrounding forest.”


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Max and his Equinary encounter with Zeus #Histfic #YA

by on Oct.26, 2013, under Young Adult



“He is absolutely  beautiful!,” said Max as he continued to stroke Zeus.

“Let him smell you and get to know you. Horses do not take long in sizing up a person,” said Alber.

“They have a sixth sense about people. There have been people these horses have refused to be near. I respect their inner wisdom. I find them quite jittery when they come here. It takes them a few days to get used to this place,” said Alber.

“Now stroke the rest of the horses as they expect equal treatment,” said Alber.

“Do you often sleep with the horses?,” asked Max.

“When they sleep in a barn they are not used to, yes. This is their first trip to Bavaria.  You can tell I slept with them last night,” said Alber as he brushed off some hay from his hair.  “They prefer a warm and well lit barn,” said Alber.

“You need a carriage to reach grandpere’s lodge?,” asked Max.

“Indeed. It is down by the lake. It takes half a day to walk there. Unless you go by boat. If you get a chance to visit, you will notice carriages and horses from the world over. This would be a good time to look at different horse breeds,” said Alber.

“I am not certain I will get that chance. My f….father insists on our not being seen,” said Max. Max was surprised he addressed Maurice as his father.

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Celestial Rituals and World Time – Marceau Historical Fiction Novel #Histfic #Occult

by on Oct.26, 2013, under French Historical Fiction, Occult


Chapter Fourteen

“Max decided right then to follow through with the texts in the manuscripts. The planetary tables he needed were at university. The manuscripts strictly enforced the use of the rituals during certain hours of the day and night that required careful attention to the phases of the moon and to the risings and settings of the planets as written in the tables he needed. He knew he was out of sync with his planetary observations since all summer he spent with family. He had to get to the university as soon as possible and he knew it was going to be more than a walk across the quadrangle as he was used to.  He now had to get used to living far away that any trip he decided upon taking to university would require the use of the carriage as well as its driver and careful planning. He decided to keep the manuscripts in their original form without translation as he wanted to keep this information to himself. One thing he did know. He needed the help of at least one other individual in conducting the planetary rituals.”

Back in the day when interest in the occult was talked about in parlour tables, private dinners and the like, people often expressed the difficulty of the mechanics involved in rituals. By mechanics, I mean, the fasting involved by the executor and the participants , the water (as in a well, or a river nearby), the perfumes (as found in rose oil and other organic substances), the incense, all these in combination with the timing of celestial laws and mother nature. Often, these rituals, were only to be performed at a certain hour every 4 years depending on the celestial path and timing of a certain planet upon its entrance or proximity to a constellation as well as the phases of the moon. Max, like every executor of a planetary ritual, had to prepare himself by going to university and copying the planetary tables provided in the library first. He had to calculate the day of the next full moon, where Jupiter was in terms of its path and calculate when it would enter any part of the constellation of cancer.

“The manuscripts call for me to be within a clearing at the exact time Jupiter first enters the constellation of Cancer. And by my calculcations based upon the tables, that is to occur in the next few weeks despite the timing of any calendar we know of. The planets have their own timetables independent of man’s clocks or world time,” said Max

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Marceau – Maurice Marceau Protagonist – Gay Historical Fiction #HistFic #Gay

by on Oct.22, 2013, under French Historical Fiction, Gay

As in my previous post about my repeated dream on Maurice (my protagonist in Marceau). Despite Maurice telling me in my dream that he was a financier to many heads of state and sovereigns during pre-revolutionary Paris, FR, I decided to make this man quite powerful, contractually married to a woman and with a gay lover and companion. I have been asked by several editors to change Maurice’s sexual preferences to a womanizing male… And I said no.  I literally did research the gay life in 1788 Paris, FR and it is unfortunate that divorce was not a possibility because our dear King Louis XVI administered his kingdoms on several of his catholic beliefs.  I respect people’s opinions and beliefs about their religion. However. When it came to being a gay man or woman and most especially in the upper echelons of society when people are supposed to be married with children as in 1788, one had to resort to clever tactics on avoiding discovery. Maurice got around all that by having a personal valet as a clever way of disguising Guillaume’s role in his personal life. Don’t always suspect the butler, though…

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Marceau – First Historical Gay French Revolutionary Novel #HistFic Historical Fiction

by on Oct.22, 2013, under French Historical Fiction

I have to say that Maurice (my protagonist) came to me in a repeated dream for a period of three years. I kept seeing this man handsomely dressed sitting across me in a carriage which was upholstered so beautifully in silk. He had a powdered wig on and wore a silk blue-grey suit with breeches too. He spoke to me in French and I replied back in French (but I don’t know French!). He kept telling me he was a back-channel financier from France who funded several heads of state and sovereigns.  Then he mentioned this war (between Carl Gustav and Katherine the Great) which I wrote about in the book as well) that he allowed to happen and it could have been stopped by him and his peers.  I think he felt bad about that. He said he didn’t like war because the soldiers to both sides and their families were the most affected. Their lives shattered and lost to ill health and lack of limb. He told me his name was Maurice Henri something something Marceau (I never got his name correctly — way too long for me to remember even after dreaming this very dream over and over. The dream never changed.

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Maximilien Marceau – Marceau (Historical Fiction Novel)

by on Oct.16, 2013, under Young Adult

Maximilien (Max for short) is an illegitimate son of Maurice whose mother is Marguerite. Marguerite met Maurice when he started to work in his father’s salons throughout Europe as a teenager. They both fell in love and their relationship ended by Maurice in order to honor a marriage contract Maurice’s parents signed with one of King Louis XVI’s brothers in order to marry Vivienne. Unbeknownst to Maurice, he left Marguerite pregnant. Fifteen years pass until finally Maurice takes over the Salons throughout Europe from his father and meets with Marguerite. Marguerite unknowingly chose her timing well. She knew Max’s features did not resemble Maurice in the least and paternity was hard to prove back then. It was not until Maurice invited Max and Marguerite to meet his parents (Alex and Viktoria) in their chateau in Bavaria that Viktoria recognized Max’s resemblance to that of her own father.

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Snake Cult Ritual – Marceau Chapter Eleven (Historical Fiction Novel)

by on Oct.16, 2013, under Occult

Snake rituals have been used since ancient times for fertility rites, metaphysical protection, and for medicinal and talismanic purposes. Often enough, it is snake oil that is used but in Greek mythology it is a union with a snake that takes place as with Olympias (a known snake handler) Alexander the Great’s mother.  Such a ritual is imitated in Chapter Eleven when Vivienne visits a sect that her she and her mother secretly belong to and have been financially supporting for decades with Maurice’s money behind his back. It is this sect that has been known to worship serpents since ancient times. I do not name the sect for the sake of their privacy.

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The Days and Hours of Jupiter – Marceau Chapter 10 (Historical Fiction Novel)

by on Oct.16, 2013, under Myth and Legends, Occult

The Days and Hours of Jupiter are proper for obtaining honours, acquiring riches; contracting friendships, preserving health; and arriving at all that thou canst desire,” said Max.

The above statement as spoken by Maximilien (Max for short) unbeknownst son of Maurice Marceau and Marguerite is taken from a manuscript (yes, copyright free — its over 2000 years old and the translation I am using  is at least 200 years old). Chapter Ten is where Maurice gets to know Max a bit better and asks him to translate certain parts of this manuscript that his team of archeologists found in old dried up lake in what was known as Babylon (now Iraq). Maurice was quite impressed upon hearing Max translate each word immediately upon reading them in Aramaic (ancient Hebrew).  This manuscript (according to this novel — remember it is fiction) was originally found in parchment with an accompanying artifact in the form of a vessel with text in Aramaic and inscribed seals. This very artifact is mythological and has a legend tied to it. It is this legend that Max unleashes and becomes real. Unfortunately, this very legend does have its side effects as Max is known to discover later in the story.

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